bob civil
la & nyc

+ visual artist 
art direction & design

print & digital design, illustration, photography, motion graphics & video editing, camera operator, ui/ux practices, performance, production/styling/prop building. story telling

  Cultivator & instigator of joy
+ working COLLABORATIVELY— imagining, REIMAGINING, DECONSTRUCTING and creating THAT WHICH WAS DEFINED AND TAUGHT impossible!, transforming design 
:to the process of making, molding & experimenting with materials, textures and strategies: to play: to working with people & raising ideas together: to every lesson (past & future): to shape and to color: to the worlds that exist around every story and those who make them possible; to furniture that's family: to museum gift shops,book fairs and print making: to spray paint, dual tip markers & new sketchbooks: to toy cars and gender non-conforming dolls: to hot glue guns, sewing machines and wire: to difficult conversations & conflict resolution: to symbols, artifacts, and archives: to accessibility leading design: to 0's & 1's: to free expression and body autonomy: to making the invisible unmissable: to accountability & justice: to broken eggs: to questioning the nature of any category & comparison: to letting a child be who they are: to the magic of drawing: to sparkle and to facing your fears. 

Lets make something together...
better yet, hire me. 

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